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Siam Royal Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Thai people call it Thai "old-fashion" massage. This long history of massage is tied strongly together with Thailand's agricultural past. It is a form of identity for the Thai people and a way of life. Traditional Thai Massage uses a system of pressure points to help heal and relieve stress. The Prana, or life energy, is allowed to freely circulate through the body. Traditional Thai Massage has many benefits. Whether you are the receiver of the massage or the giver of the massage, you can feel joy, ease and comfort. The massage will open up your chakras, allowing you to have a more peaceful mind while benefiting your health. The giver of the traditional Thai Massage will also receive generosity, compassion, equanimity, the feeling of oneness, the feeling of loving kindness and the pride that can only be felt by a healer.